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The Skull Chronicles

Lost Legacy, The Skull Chronicles Book 1 by author D K Henderson
The Red Skull of Aldebaran, The Skull Chronicles Book 2 by author D K Henderson
Daughter of the Gods, The Skull Chronicles Book 3 by author D K Henderson
Khalia's Tomb, The Skull Chronicles Book 4 by author D K Henderson
Heart of Regulus, The Skull Chronicles Book 5 by author D K Henderson

It is the time long foretold.
The Skulls of Light are preparing to return; they are summoning their Guardians and the one who will pave the way.

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250,000 years have passed since the thirteen crystal Skulls of Light were first brought to Earth from the distant star systems of our galaxy; 250,000 years in which, with their help, humankind has evolved and prospered. Now, as we reach a turning point in our history, the Skulls of Light are preparing to make themselves known to us once more. They have come to guide us as we make a huge leap forward in our evolution, a leap that will carry us into a whole new world.

Now is the time when this wisdom and knowledge is coming once more into the light, available to all who wish to learn. The time of awakening for us all. And soon, when enough of us hear their voices once more and make the choice to step out from under the dark shadows of our fears, the Skulls of Light will once again live amongst us.

This is the story of those Skulls, and of the one they have chosen to pave their way…

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