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The Skull Chronicles

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The Skulls of Light, 13 powerful crystal skulls, forged by highly evolved races from across the galaxies and brought to Earth in the times before memory. Each Skull possessing its own consciousness and holding within it all the knowledge and wisdom of its creators. The stories of these sacred Skulls are woven throughout that of humankind.

The Skulls of Light have been sleeping, protected, deep within the warm embrace of this planet. Now though, they are awakening once again. For the human race is on the brink of an unprecedented leap forward in its evolution, and when that day comes, the Skulls will be there to show the way.

But powerful though they are, the Skulls need someone to prepare the world for their return. They have reached out to me, asking for my help.

Why me? I have no idea. All I do know is that I'm scared, confused, and completely out of my depth - and that I can't say No.

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