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Sacred Guardian

The Skull Chronicles
Book 2

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Previously released as The Red Skull of Aldebaran, June 2013

Deep in the airless underbelly of his palace in a famine-wracked kingdom, an old king sits in torment. In his hands is Gor-Kual, third of the ancient and powerful off-world Skulls of Light. 

     He faces an impossible choice. If he leaves Gor-Kual sleeping, his people will starve. If he awakens her, he risks the total devastation of his land by an implacable enemy.
     As for me, I’m caught up in a nightmare of my own. I can’t see. I can’t breathe. I’m lost. Irretrievably. On the ground, just out of reach, a glassy blue skull stares at me with sightless eyes. A rattle sounds in my throat, and I take my last breath.

Only this isn’t my death. It’s someone else’s. Someone on a continent 5,000 miles away…

First published as The Red Skull of Aldebaran: June 2013, Lyra Publishing

-Re-released as Sacred Guardian, March 2024

ISBN: 978-1-7394440-1-3

383 pages

What readers said about the previous edition, The Red Skull of Aldebaran:
~ 'It's compelling, fast moving, an amazing story...' 

~ 'An excellent read!'

~  Buy it - start to read it - try and put it down! 

~ 'Can`t wait for the next one.'

~ Another page turner from D.K. Henderson. (...) fast paced, adrenalin pumping action packed sequel.' 

~ 'I didn't want the book to end.'

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