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Khalia's Tomb

The Skull Chronicles
Book 4

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First published: August 2016, Lyra Publishing

Second edition, March 2024

ISBN: 978-0-9934125-9-2

394 pages

On a desolate snowfield high in the icebound passes of a towering mountain range, the fugitive Guardian Mahleena clings helplessly to the rim of a bottomless crevasse. Her fingers are slipping on the frozen ground. She can’t hold on any longer. Death is coming for her.

     Her only hope of survival is to abandon the sacred artefact she has carried half-way across the world – Khalia, one of the thirteen off-world Skulls of Light that once graced the Pyramid Temple in Atlantis. For the bag that holds the Skull hangs over Mahleena’s shoulder, dragging her towards oblivion.

     But can the Guardian sacrifice Khalia to save her own life?


As for me? I’m on a rescue mission. My friend Callum’s life is in danger. He needs my help, but I don’t know where he is. I can only pray I’ll find him in time.


And, as usual, nothing is quite as it seems…

What readers say about Khalia's Tomb: 

~ 'A great and gripping read.'

~ 'Absolutely brilliant from start to finish, good continuity (...), fast paced and exciting all the way through. '

~ 'I didn't want it to end.''

~ 'Found this book difficult to put down.'

~ 'Another fast paced page turner from this talented author.'

~'Fantastic writing and powerful story line, more please soon.'

~ 'Amazing insight, gritty and thrilling!'

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