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Heart of Regulus

The Skull Chronicles
Book V

Heart of Regulus, The Skull Chronicles Book 5 by author D K Henderson

Published: July 2020, Lyra Publishing

ISBN: 978-0993412561

370 pages

‘My dearest Child, from the day the skulls came into your life and you accepted their invitation, you always knew, in some secret place deep within your soul, that this was the way it would go.’

For tens of thousands of years, there have been those who have kept the 13 ancient off-world crystal Skulls of Light safe. Protecting them from the clutches of the dark forces that would use the Skulls’ immense power for their own evil purposes. 

Muu-Nan is the 6th of these Skulls, forged in the star system of Arcturus and known to Earth’s ancient civilisations as the Heart of Regulus. From the peaceful glades of a forgotten land to the legendary continent of Atlantis and on to the sun-baked desert lands of a mighty civilisation, Muu-Nan’s human guardians are prepared to sacrifice everything to keep him safe. 

Then there is me: ordinary, unremarkable Gemma Mason. Author and mother who the Skulls, in their infinite wisdom, have chosen to share their stories with the world. Preparing us for their return. Hurling me so far out of my comfort zone, it’s disappeared over the horizon.

Now those dark forces have tracked me down and they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. With my intrepid friend Joe by my side, I’m hurtling ever deeper into a mystery that will push us to our limits – and may also take our lives. 

But I’m in too deep to turn back. 

What readers say about Heart of Regulus: 

~ 'Exciting and fast paced and great attention to detail.'

~ 'Compelling.'

~ 'I loved every word (...) With every line, every turn of the page, I was there...'

~ 'D.K. Henderson's richly descriptive and intuitive writing style comes to the fore again in this tale.'

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