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Heart of Regulus

The Skull Chronicles
Book 5

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Published: July 2020, Lyra Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9934125-6-1

399 pages

Calista, former priestess of the Pyramid Temple in Atlantis, Guardian of Muu-Nan, the sixth of the sacred, off-world Skulls of Light. She will give up her life to protect it from those who covet its power for themselves – and she may have to do just that.


Abandoned, lost and alone in an unknown land where danger stalks her at every step, an invisible force draws her ever onwards to a destiny that will change Earth’s future forever.


As for my destiny? After two attempts on my life, that becomes a lot less certain. For the deadly Dark Forces that drove Calista from her homeland still hunt the Skulls today.


And now they’re coming after me…

What readers say about Heart of Regulus: 

~ 'Exciting and fast paced and great attention to detail.'

~ 'Compelling.'

~ 'I loved every word (...) With every line, every turn of the page, I was there...'

~ 'D.K. Henderson's richly descriptive and intuitive writing style comes to the fore again in this tale.'

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