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Heel Lead by author Dawn K Henderson

Published: August 2017, Lyra Publishing

ISBN: 978-0993412547

200 pages

Former UK dance champion Caroline Elliott has two burning passions in her life: her sexy, young Spanish lover Antonio, and the weekly Ballroom dance class she teaches to a diverse group of enthusiastic locals in the small English town of Castleham where she lives.

But Caroline has a problem. The numbers attending her class have dwindled and unless she can somehow breathe new life into it, she will have no choice but to close down. A dance display at the local Arts Festival might just be the perfect opportunity to showcase her students and pull in those much-needed new members. How difficult could it be?

With the date of the display approaching, however, illness, affairs and relationship break-ups threaten to crush Caroline’s hopes. As she battles to keep rehearsals on track and soothe her students’ rampant nerves, she must also conquer the demons of a long-ago tragedy in her own life.

Will she be able to let go of her fears and step into the spotlight once again?

What readers say about Heel Lead:

~ 'strong characters.'

~ 'A really enjoyable read and a storyline filled with many emotions.'

~ 'Depth of emotions with a lightness of touch'

~ 'Written with sensitivity and emotional intelligence.'

~ 'I was completely drawn into the excitement, sadness, and reality of this book!'

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