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Daughter of the Gods

The Skull Chronicles
Book 3

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First published: April 2014, Lyra Publishing

Second edition, March 2024

ISBN:  978-1-7394440-0-6

377 pages

Bound and helpless, the young handmaiden Manua is cast adrift in a stormy sea and left to drown. With her, sealed in a metal casket, is Maat-Su, the fourth of the sacred Skulls of Light.

     But Manua is not destined to die today. Rescued by a descendant of those who brought the Skull to Earth lifetimes before, she and Maat-Su survive to change the course of history. For their new home is Atlantis, their legacy the mighty civilisation that has passed forever into legend and shaped the future of humankind for tens of thousands of years.

     Meanwhile, here in the 21st century, it’s all suddenly got a bit too real. Stalkers, a break-in, three murders, and the appearance of an up-until-now purely hypothetical mystical golden key have blown the stakes sky high. And I’m scared.

     Because someone else is looking for the Skulls. Someone who is prepared to kill to possess them.


And I could be next on their list…

What readers say about Daughter of the Gods:

~ 'I can't recommend this series highly enough'

~ 'Absolutely enthralling (...) A must read...'

~ 'Detailed and wonderfully told.'

~ 'Another page turner from D.K. Henderson.'

~ 'Another gripping adventure that completely consumes your attention.'

~ 'This book has it all. '

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