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Forgotten Wings

A handbook for spiritual growth and personal transformation 

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When you remember your wings, you begin to fly.

Is your life filled with Life? Or do you feel that somehow you're missing the point but don't quite know why?

In Forgotten Wings, Dawn Henderson offers us 10 simple keys to opening up to the magical & limitless potential of life. It is knowledge that seems new but is as old as existence. Through the insights, wisdom and reawakened knowing that she has received on her own ongoing journey of spiritual discovery, Dawn reminds us of who we truly are and why we have chosen to play this game of life.


What readers say about Forgotten Wings:

~ 'Beautiful!' 

~ 'Wonderful self help book which helps you view life in a whole new way.'

 ~ '... beautifully written, the structure, tone and pace is spot on, the message so clear and so utterly relevant in today's 'forgotten' world.'
~ 'a beautiful, inspiring, joyful book.'

~ 'one of the best self-help books I have come across in a while.' 

~ 'this book is truly worth reading amongst all the books on the bookshelves out there, it is written so well and simply put anyone can read it and understand the messages it has inside.' 

Published: Sept. 2010; Lyra Publishing

ISBN: 978-1846943539

156 pages

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(As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases)

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