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Starspeak, Vol 2

More messages of encouragement, love and hope from our star brothers and sisters

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Starspeak Vol 2 by author Dawn Henderson

Following on from the highly successful Starspeak, this second short volume brings new, deeply loving messages for the people of the Earth from highly evolved beings of light from across the cosmos.

We are moving through a time of massive change, unprecedented in recorded memory, a time in which life as we know it is being turned upside down. But we do not have to travel through this often confusing and disorientating process alone, for from across the galaxies our star brothers and sisters have gathered to help us through this transformation.

As we move through these turbulent times, the words offered to us by our star brothers and sisters overflow with encouragement, hope and guidance – and an occasional gentle reminder of our personal responsibilities towards each other and our home – to reassure and inspire all who read them.

Many people on Earth are now being contacted by these loving beings, receiving their words of to share with those who as yet do not hear them. This book contains some of these messages, received by the author from these highly evolved and benevolent star races, messages that are filled with the love and wisdom of the universe.

What readers say about Starspeak, Vol 2:

~ 'A brilliant follow up to Volume 1.' 

Published: July 2019; Lyra Publishing

ISBN:  978-0993412554

80 pages

Free to read in Kindle Unlimited

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(As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases)

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