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Hi everyone. I have exciting news - my latest book, a short read novella, is now available on Amazon Kindle...

32 year old Saffron Bickle is searching for answers in the eerie cellars of a tumbledown manor house in the heart of Dartmoor. Who is she? Who are her parents? Why did they leave her on a vicarage doorstep when she was only a week old?

She soon discovers that there are more pressing questions to resolve. Like… How did she end up in a wood in the 17th century, running for her life from armed soldiers who are hunting her down as a witch? Why is an ancient sword so important? And what the heck does any of this have to do with her anyway?

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D K Henderson, author

Hello, I'm D. K. (Dawn) Henderson, author, storyteller and occasional poet. Welcome to my website. It's great to have you pop by.

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