Write From The Heart

A one-day Writers' Retreat set in the heart of the magical stone circle at Avebury

Information sheet

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Wednesday 14th September
9.30am - 5.30pm

(Limited places)



I'm Dawn Henderson, author of The Skull Chronicles series (writing as D K Henderson) & other books and I know from experience how life can get in the way of our creative goals, which is why I created this Writers' Retreat day. (There is more about me at the end of this page.)

Whether you have yet to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to begin your masterpiece, have it languishing part-finished and gathering dust because life has just got too darn busy, you would cherish time and space to focus solely on your work in progress, or you simply want to come and play, this is the perfect opportunity to take time-out for a day of inspiration, creativity, and writing.

Our venue is the lovely and characterful Henge Shop located in the centre of Avebury village at the heart of the magical, mystical stone circle. We will have sole use of the gallery, situated on the 1st floor of the shop.

Tables and chairs will be set out and there are also some easy chairs available, because I know that not everyone can, or wants, to write at a desk - for me, my most creative moments come when I'm sprawled on the sofa with my notepad and pencils, and a mug of coffee and some chocolate biscuits at hand. If the inspiration takes you, you will also be free to wander outside and write amongst the stones.

We will start our day with a meditation to settle us into this sacred time, connect with the flow of our heart and soul, and set our personal and group intentions for the day.

A few important points

This is not a taught course. My role is to facilitate your writing intentions and I will be on hand all day to help, offer suggestions, mutually brainstorm, move you through writer's block if it should strike, and inspire you to get the most out of your time.

- This retreat is intended as a wi-fi free zone and there will be no facility in the venue for connecting with the internet. While I can't - and have no wish to - control what you do and don't do on your personal phones, I believe it will be useful for you to embrace that intention.

- I cannot supply laptops, chargers or writing equipment so please bring everything you need




Venue: The retreat is being held in the upstairs gallery of the characterful Henge Shop, located in the village of Avebury and in the centre of the magical stone circle. We will have exclusive use of the gallery, which is a warm and inviting space.


Parking: Parking is in the National Trust car park on the edge of the village. Parking is free for National Trust members, £7.00/day for non-members


Breaks: There will be a set morning & afternoon break of around 15 mins; however, tea, coffee and water (& cakes/biscuits) will be available throughout the day. As a writer, I know how the munchies can strike out of the blue when I’m busy creating.

Lunch: I would suggest bringing a packed lunch with you and eating it out and about amongst the stones if the weather is kind to us. If wet, there is a comfortable room next to the gallery for lunch/breaks. 

Other options:,
- There is a small village store next to the Henge Shop that sells sandwiches, drinks etc.

- There is also a National Trust café within a couple of minutes’ walk; however, I am advised that the food here can be a bit hit and miss.

- The Red Lion pub serves meals, although with online reservation only.

(I also heartily recommend grabbing a Marshfield Dairy ice-cream from the Henge Shop to keep the inspiration flowing )


What to bring:

- Your writing tools. Whatever works for you, whether a laptop or notebook and a supply of pens/pencils. These will not be available to borrow.

- Any writing aids

- Enthusiasm 


- Music. However, you will be required to keep the volume low and to wear headphones so as not to disturb the other participants.

- Crystals and anything else that inspires you, gets the energy flowing and helps you to write.

- As already suggested above, lunch. Plus any personal snacks/drinks (in addition to those available) that help your writing process flow.

- Blanket & cushion for meditation


Getting there: This is the link to the National Trust page: Getting to Avebury
Note - car park currently shuts at 6pm, not 5pm.


Cost: £55.00. 

A £25.00 non-refundable deposit secures your place, with payment of the balance due by Friday 9th September 2022.

Refunds: If for any unforeseen reason I have to cancel the retreat, all deposit and balance payments received will be fully refunded. I regret that due to my upfront expenses, deposit refunds will not be made for any other reason.


Any cancellation by a retreat participant notified to me by 5pm on Tuesday 13th September will receive a full refund of any balance amount of £35.00 that has been paid. I regret that cancellations received after this time cannot be refunded. Deposits will not be eligible for refund.


Booking: Email me at mail@dkhenderson.com, putting WFTH in the subject line. I will then send you a Paypal invoice. Your booking is confirmed when I receive your payment.

Booking deadline: 5pm on Monday 12th July 2022

Gift yourself time and space away from the demands of everyday life to simply write.


HEN0518 0039a.crop 500.jpg

I'm Dawn Henderson, author, storyteller and spiritual mentor. I love to write and share my stories with the world. To date, I've published 10 books - 6 in the much-loved Skull Chronicles series, the short novel Heel Lead and the non-fiction Forgotten Wings and Starspeak volumes.

I've always loved to write but the idea of writing an actual book, and having it published, never entered my head until I was in my mid-forties when I began Forgotten Wings. I was fortunate enough to find a publisher willing to take it on, and in 2010 it was published through 'O'Books/John Hunt Publishing.


I started the Skull Chronicles series with Lost Legacy in 2011 - not what I had intended. Up until then I doubted I could write fiction well enough - and indie-published it early in 2012, with the next 5 volumes in the series emerging over the next 10 years. In between, I released Heel Lead, my short novel in a totally different genre, and the 2 non-fiction Starspeak books.

I've already said that I love to write and feel fortunate that I am able to do so but, like so many people, life often gets in the way of achieving as much as I'd like, whether because of essential commitments like family - and sleep! - or because I get side-tracked by all the fascinating rabbit-holes I discover when I'm searching the Web. So when the idea to offer this retreat came to me, it felt right. I very much hope it feels right to you too.

I look forward to seeing you in September

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