The Red Skull of Aldebaran

The Skull Chronicles
Book II

The Red Skull of Aldebaran, The Skull Chronicles Book 3 by author D K Henderson

Published: June 2013, Lyra Publishing

ISBN: 978-0957195264

386 pages

Gor-Kual: the red skull whose origins lie on the distant star worlds of Aldebaran…

Gemma Mason; an ordinary Englishwoman, chosen by these ancient sacred crystal skulls to be their mouthpiece, sharing their stories through her writing…

In this fast-paced sequel to Lost Legacy, the story of Gor-Kual unfolds, from the barren plateau of an ancient land to the fabled continent of Atlantis and ultimately, the empty deserts of North Africa: a story of loss, heartbreak, courage, sacrifice and love, all to protect this most sacred and powerful of objects.

Meanwhile, in 2013, Gemma is undertaking a quest of her own, travelling to the sun-baked deserts of the south west USA with a group of maverick archaeologists in search of the blue crystal skull Gal-Athiel, whose story was told in Lost Legacy. As her own journey of self-discovery unfolds further, Gemma is forced once more to step beyond the boundaries of her fears – what will she find there?

What readers say about The Red Skull of Aldebaran:
~ 'It's compelling, fast moving, an amazing story...' 

~ 'An excellent read!'

~  Buy it - start to read it - try and put it down! 

~ 'Can`t wait for the next one.'

~ Another page turner from D.K. Henderson. (...) fast paced, adrenalin pumping action packed sequel.' 

~ 'I didn't want the book to end.'

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